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Ye Maya Chesave Telugu Movie Online

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The film portrays the complicated relationship between a Telugu Hindu assistant director, Karthik, and a Malayali Christian girl, Jessie whom he falls in love with. Jessie is torn between her love for Karthik and her family, who is steadfast in their disapproval of him. This results in a volatile relationship until Jessie leaves him without an explanation. They accidentally meet after a couple of years and the movie takes a different turn.
The film was made in both Telugu and Tamil simultaneously with a different climax. The Tamil version, with the initial schedule with the lead cast in August 2009, following much speculation that Gautham Menon was set to remake the film with Manjula’s brother, Mahesh Babu.[1] Shooting continued through the latter part of 2009, with the film garnering significant media interest, with schedules in the United States, with Princeton University being used as a backdrop for song picturisation.[2] Prior to release, the film’s music soundtrack experienced phenomenal success for a Telugu film, with Rahman being critically praised for his score. The film, released on 26 February 2010, along with the Tamil version to advanced bookings worldwide and received positive reviews and was declared a successful venture at the box office.

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