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Bobbili Raja Movie Online

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Watch Full Length 1990 Telugu Movie Bobbili Raja starring Venkatesh, Divya Bharati, Vanishree, Satyanarayana, Gummadi, Babu Mohan, Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivas Rao. Music by Ilayaraja. Rajeshwari (Vanishree) is a very powerful politician. Rajalakshmi is in love with Rajeshwari’s brother Surya and is pregnant carrying Surya’s child. Rajeshwari is against this relation. Surya gets accidentally killed by Annaya; Annaya manages to put the blame of the murder on Rajalakshmi. Rajeshwari to take revenge gets Rajalakshmi arrested. Rajalakshmi along with her father escape and goes into hiding. Years later Rajalakakshmi’s son Raja (Venkatesh) and Rajeshwari’s daughter Rani (Divya Bharati) meet and fall in love. What will be the fate of their love? Will their love be able to finish the enmity between the two family or will it be sacrificed at the alter of Rajeshwari’s ego. Click http://www.rajshritelugu.com to watch the best of Telugu movies, songs, scenes, trailers, TV shows etc.

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